Ho incontrato per la prima volta in luglio la Sig.ra Doyle e in settembre la Sig.ra Lotte: entrambe hanno colto subito e molto bene la mia richiesta di trovare un Conduttore raffinato per una locazione "di nicchia", un appartamento nel cuore di Brera.
Hanno condotto la ricerca in un loro portafoglio Clienti, in tempi rapidissimi, assicurandomi un servizio che non ha lasciato nulla al caso. Ottimo lavoro, ottimo risultato. Grazie.
Andrea Rosselli del Turco

Andrea Rosselli del Turco

A very good and professional real estate company with a client base of high level, both nationally and internationally. The service is excellent in its various stages, both with the negotiations and in the final stages. Excellent value for money given the excellence of the service provided.
Massimo Ambrogio Giambelli

Massimo Ambrogio Giambelli

Fairness, competence, commitment that do not end with the conclusion of a contract. With Property International, these characteristics are maintained during the relationship with the client and when needed, even afterwards.

Tina Gerla

I have been working with Property International for thirty years now, with excellent results. The professionalism has grown year after year, while the kindness of Mrs Doyle and her precious staff has remained the same as on the first day.


Massimiliano de Adamich

Property International has worked with us for many years in both the rental and sale of properties. We are very satisfied with - the courtesy and competence of the staff - the effectiveness of the service - the availability and follow up with problems and situations that may be more "complicated" than normal.

Federico Zaraga

I met Mrs. Beretta and Mrs. Doyle when I bought an occupied property and I can say that I found them kind, helpful and prepared to deal with complex issues, too.


Giorgio Cristalli

Great courtesy, seriousness and professionalism. Very positive first impression.

Nicolò Maria Regazzoni

Very, very professional! 

Tiziana Trabucchi

I have used the services of Property International continuously over the last 16 years. They have provided first class professional advice and service to us in client search and the management of our rental properties. Most importantly their staff are a pleasure to deal with and we trust them.

Diana Brock

In looking for accommodation in Milan, Property International found me a flat beyond my expectations. High professionalism, paying attention with a lot of presence, availability and above all humanity! A great help to facilitate all administrative procedures! Many details that have contributed to a welcome that I did not expect.

Gregory Le Moigne

I have relied on Property for 18 years and the great satisfaction is unchanged. The whole team gives me great peace of mind thanks to their professionalism combined with exquisite courtesy.

Lauretana Stagno

Seriousness, competence, the ability to achieve the intended purpose by dealing with the various situations that may arise in an intelligent manner, always with specific attention to the particular case. These are the characteristics that I have particularly appreciated in Mrs Doyle and her staff (all of them) during the course of my relationship with Property International in recent years. I have been able to rent, and even sell, my properties in a smooth and profitable manner. Thank you!


Elena Maria Bellini

Efficient staff, impeccable service, great attention to people and their needs. Nothing to complain about.


Paolo Gangini

After numerous contacts with different agencies looking for a flat, the meeting with Mrs. Milly Beretta of Property International immediately stood out for its courtesy, attention and professionalism, qualities that were confirmed in the continuation of the purchase negotiations and that still accompany us.


Pier Paola Canè

We have been using the services of Property International for years. We are satisfied and grateful for the professionalism, and we really appreciate the friendliness of the personal relationships. A rare combination. We cordially recommend Property International, just as it was recommended to us by friends of ours in the past.

Gigi Gario e Annamaria Cascetta

For over thirty years your agency has been managing our properties in a highly professional and responsible manner, always managing to guarantee us security, peace of mind and friendliness, qualities that are certainly not common. Thank you very much again for everything!


Peggy Romano

Selling a house in which a large part of our life has taken place is not psychologically easy. Add to that, the particular negative market moment in which we decided to sell. Well, after many unsuccessful attempts, we turned to Property International and thanks to their professionalism and care not only in helping us to sell, but also in their human capacity to support us through the various stages of achieving the result, we can say that our choice proved to be a winner. Mrs. Doyle and Mrs. Beretta followed us step by step, perfectly understanding our needs and conforming them to the market requirements with care and professionalism. A heartfelt thank you!

Maria Pia Mazzotti e Giorgio Erede

I have been using Property International for over 30 years to rent a large flat that I own. My loyalty to this agency is based on the professionalism of its staff, who are always correct and attentive, as well as the fact that the level of its foreign clients is very high.

Giovanni Sorace

I found in Mrs Beretta and Mrs Doyle two serious, professional, helpful and very friendly people. I would definitely use your agency again should I need them.

Chiara Genco

During my experience with Property International I met two wonderful and professional people who, from the first approach, gave me familiarity and confidence. I had been walking around for months trying to buy my first home and my mood was not the best, but Mrs Beretta and Mrs Deirdre were able to identify and clarify all my doubts, they advised me and accompanied me with familiarity and transparency throughout the purchase process without ever leaving anything to chance and sooner than I would have hoped, I became the owner of a flat in Milan.
I am really happy with my experience with this agency and I could only recommend it to everyone. It's true, people always make the difference!

Gaetano Cavaleri

I had occasion to contact Property International to look for a flat that would quickly meet my needs for location, price and comfort.  I am completely satisfied with the services you have provided in terms of professionalism, courtesy and helpfulness. I would like to thank you for your assistance, which accompanied me not only during the rental negotiations, but also during the months I spent in the property I rented. 

Marilyn d'Onofrio

Professionalism, courtesy, availability. These are the words with which to describe the experience we have just had. We were lost and full of doubts when we started looking for a house to buy, but luckily, we found people who took us by the hand and with patience and professionalism have accompanied us to the finish line. A heartfelt thank you for the work and support with which you have followed us. 


Famiglia Marzo

I approached Property International to sell my property. To call Property International an excellent estate agency is an understatement. Mrs. Doyle and her staff are a close-knit group that combines very different aspects that are never taken for granted: total professionalism and seriousness; efficiency given not by insistence but by a deep knowledge of the profession and constant attention to the resolution of any aspect; kindness and availability. The human factor is as fundamental as the professional one, the feeling I had is that of having been in kind and safe hands.


Paolo S.

For newcomers to Milan as well as for long term non Italian residents like myself, Property International is the most competent, reasonable and 'pleasure to deal with' estate agency in the city. 

Julia Holden

Un team assolutamente professionale, efficace e cortese.

Maurizio e Cristiana Arena

When all you have to do is sign a contract and you don't have to worry about anything else, it's because you can be sure that the people you've entrusted with the job have left nothing to chance, making simple a task that normally involves stress and complications. At Property International I have found the professionalism and courtesy of people who do their job with passion and competence.

Luca Morgera

You are a group of people who have the great ability to combine absolute professionalism, strict compliance with the regulations, with a great deal of friendliness and maximum availability to the interlocutor. We have referred you to acquaintances of ours who have started working with you, and they have been grateful to us for putting them in touch with you. In conclusion: ....... keep up the good work!

Carlos Gonzaga

It is with pleasure that I take this opportunity to express to you in writing what I have said many times. My professional relationship with you has always been characterised by your correctness, punctuality, helpfulness, seriousness, competence and not formal but substantial kindness. I have great respect and gratitude for your agency (and people).


Rosangela Nicosia

My opinion of your work is only and extremely positive. I would like to thank you and Mrs. Doyle for your active assistance throughout the negotiation of my flat rental. I am completely satisfied with your services, both in terms of professionalism, courtesy and helpfulness. If the opportunity arises again, I am sure I will turn to you again in the hope of being your welcome customer.

Riccardo Gianotti

I was very satisfied with the assistance, not the first time, that I was given. I appreciated both the competence and the helpfulness. The environment in which the negotiations take place is refined and reserved and this is particularly appreciated.

Marino Nicoloso

I have frequently used the professional services of the Property International team for both property rental and bureaucratic advice on rental management. My problems as an inexperienced citizen of the property sector have been solved by the suggestions, I have received from them. We should also mention the diligence and professionalism in solving open problems.

Dott. Marco Greco

We have been working together for several years now and I am very satisfied with your work. You have always been attentive and professional in every operation we have carried out together. As soon as I can, I will recommend you to friends and acquaintances.

Marcello Garotta

Nothing short of applause and praise for Deirdre Doyle and her team of professionals at Property International. I had the good fortune of being introduced to Property International over ten years ago and have been happily and consistently relying on their services ever since. Both as an owner and a tenant I have had repeated occasions to confirm the reliability and diligence of their services, which does not end with the signing of the contract. I also have the added serenity in knowing that I can rely on their support even in the face of unforeseen. Moreover, there is much to be said in knowing that the quality of the properties they offer is of excellent standard, similarly for the tenant’s they propose.

Cynthia Panas

Having wasted 3 months viewing apartments with 3 different local Estate Agents, who were insistent that my wife and I would have to either; install a complete Air-conditioning system in one penthouse at our cost, or completely fit out a kitchen in another apartment. We were fortunately introduced to Mrs Deirdre Doyle of Property International. Mrs Doyle understood our requirements and preferences within our first few meetings, Property International team also assisted us with registering for utilities and phone lines,and cable etc. due to our lack of ability with the Italian language.

Mrs Doyle not only found an apartment to our liking and that ticked all the right boxes but also considered our location, surroundings and a neighbourhood that suited our lifestyle. We have been very happy here in central Milan for our 2 yrs+ relocation. Many Thanks.

Bryan Thomas

I have known Mrs Doyle and Property International for about 25 years and have always used their services when I have needed to rent or consult and have always found them to be highly professional and fair.

Umberto Baldissara

I have confidence in Property International and I would not change agency because the companies you have proposed to me as tenants have always been safe and guaranteed.

Romanita Trotta

We discovered Property International about 20 years ago. This company taught us a new way of renting out our flats that is both fun and enjoyable, and which has led to many wonderful stories of friendship that always left something in our hearts. Sarah, for example, the American who wanted us at her wedding in Newport in a beautiful setting of billionaire yachts, or Alexia, the Greek who gave us a kiss every time she met us on the balcony as a greeting. Thanks then to Property for the broader world view, their perfect knowledge of languages and the mentality of the different tenants, which satisfied us owners, and made our guests feel 'at home'.

Gabriella Blaser

I have known PROPERTY for about 15 years, I really appreciate its work and all its staff. In particular, the extra gear that is given by the staff, almost entirely made up of women, who are very kind, active, present, attentive to every detail. They have contacts with high-level people or companies, so they give you the certainty of having as interlocutors people of a certain type, who appreciate your home. Basically, you give them the keys to your treasure... but with the peace of mind of having a complete service. 

Franca Bozzi
I constantly thank Property International for the precision and honesty in which they helped me resolve my problems with my property even after the contract
Anna Maffioli
“Property International understood my requirements and budget and showed me several appropriate apartments. Within a brief time from or initial meeting, I moved into my apartment”.
Robin Fanta - Archway
I found that Property International is a highly professional real estate agency made up of a caring team that Mrs Doyle was able to create around her. They solved a big problem for me because I had a previous negative experience with tenants and had to hire a lawyer to get rid of them, losing a lot of money. Today, thanks to Property International I have a good tenant who respects the contract in every way. “ Thanks you again for your help”.
W. Helm

The Property staff assisted us throughout the contractual process with competence and professionalism. We are very satisfied with the service and happy to have finally met a serious real estate company!

Isabella Fazio Di Nasari
We are writing to you even though some time has passed for the precious help that you gave us for the sale of our apartment and the buying of our new one. We were extremely satisfied with your competence service professionalism and diplomacy in managing both sales. We had specific needs in both cases and you managed them well. We have recommended your services to friends because unfortunately agencies have a bad name and are not professional: not your case.
Alessandra and Dario Zanconti

After years of collaboration in renting our flats, we express our satisfaction for the assistance we have received and for the seriousness and correctness of the guests you have selected.

Luigi and Carla Gambato

For more than fifteen years we have been working with Property in the letting of small flats. We have appreciated their competence, professionalism and above all the result. No property has been vacant for more than three months and the quality of the tenants is really good.

Guido Feller

My husband and I have been using the services of Property International for the past 15 years. We have always had a professional advice, tenant search service and high-quality property management. In addition, the staff at Property International are friendly, helpful and qualified people.

Diana Brock and Tito Negri

I would like to thank Property International for all their help with my home search. I really appreciate it! I know you have done much more than you should have...it is very difficult to be a foreigner in Milan and try to arrange everything that is needed: indeed, your help has been special and important to me.

Jessica Pryde – Istituto Marangoni
I lived in Milan for 3 years and Property International helped me to find an apartment. I was very satisfied with the service provided and the people, of different nationalities, who make up the staff were very helpful and available from the moment the contract was signed to the final inventory check.
C. Gavaut