Commercial property

Most of the larger and more articulated commercial rentals are in the outskirts of the city, where the areas are more spacious and allow for a large influx of users. Nevertheless, some offices right in the city centre have been transformed into modern or completely renovated buildings. Created from the conversion of residential housing into commercial space, many offices are located in buildings where they coexist with apartments normally inhabited by families.

When you are interested in renting an office that is not in very good condition and therefore needs some renovation work, it is often agreed that, in exchange for a discount on the first few years of the lease, the tenant will take on the costs of the renovation and will follow the work. In this way, the tenant's needs are met and the landlord is relieved of the responsibility for the work. If the tenant company is not long established or publicly traded, the property often requires a bank guarantee/guarantee to cover the rent payments.

Rental contracts

The duration of the Italian commercial contract is 6 years, renewable for a further 6 years. In this regard, it is very important to agree immediately on the conclusion or termination of the lease: this very subject often becomes a source of conflict and countless disputes in court. Normally, payments are due quarterly and in advance; the security deposit is equal to 3 months' rent. This amount is kept by the owner to cover any damages that may occur during the lease. Alternatively, a bank guarantee for the same amount is accepted. For very prestigious properties, it is quite common that a higher guarantee is required in order to ensure the property's financial obligations.