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What kind of quality and comfort can I expect from an apartment in Milan?

While living in Milan often means having beautiful surroundings, the quality of the apartments unfortunately cannot be compared to that of other European countries or North America. Kitchens, bathrooms and appliances are often dated, with few improvements made in recent years. In many cases the owners, unfortunately, believe that it is not worth renovating their apartments when they are to be rented out; in some cases, it would be enough to refurbish the bathrooms and renew the kitchen furniture. However, it is possible to find new and well-furnished apartments in all areas of the city, but unfortunately, they are expensive. Even for a foreigner the prices for apartments of this type can be high in relation to a quality that is considered normal.

Is it easier to find a furnished or unfurnished apartment in Milan?

Usually furnished apartments are easier to find if they are small, suitable for a single or a couple, and normally for medium length rentals. On the other hand, larger apartments are usually empty or semi-furnished (furnished kitchen and some built-in cupboards). Unfortunately, the furniture in some apartments can be outdated, so some people prefer to buy new furniture if they do not intend to bring their own.

Are gas, electricity, water, condo and heating costs included in the monthly rent of the apartment?

Electricity and gas costs are not normally included in the rent and the tenant must pay directly or reimburse the landlord. The condominium expenses include the cleaning of the common areas of the building, the electricity of the building, the maintenance of the elevator, the salary of the concierge, and central heating. However, when it comes to short term rentals, for less than 6 months, for example, the condo fees are usually included and sometimes the utilities are as well.

Do I have to pay a commission to the real estate agency and how much?

Yes, the tenant pays a commission to the agency, but this varies a bit from city to city and also depends on the agency. In Milan, for a rental period longer than one year, the commission for the tenant can be between 12% and 18% + VAT 22%, to be paid at the signing of the lease.
In case of sale, a commission is also required and the percentage can depend on the value of the property.

Can I expect a thorough handover of the apartment with a handover report or do I just receive the keys from the owner?

Unfortunately, some agencies do not assist with the handover of the property so you must check this with them directly.
Property International ensures a thorough handover of the apartment with both the tenant and the owner. During this meeting the condition of the apartment will be checked and noted and the utility meters will be read.  In the case of a furnished apartment, an inventory will also be prepared and photos taken as evidence of the condition of the apartment and furniture. At the end of the rental period, a handover of the apartment will be organized to check for any damage and ascertain that the painting has been done if this is part of the contract.  Property International can assist with the registration of the utilities, if requested.