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Living in Milan in the central areas of the city, Brera, Porta Nuova or CityLife means being able to appreciate beautiful surroundings with many advantages well-organised neighbourhoods for services, shops, restaurants and cultural and sports initiatives. The city of Milan become a destination for tourists and expatriates from all over the world and the variety of living solutions is among the most diverse: unique independent solutions and exclusive penthouses in the city's most famous skyscrapers, multi-level properties but also smaller and more “ordinary” solutions for singles and families. As one moves out of the heart of the city, the neighbourhoods become greener and more residential with condominiums that have gardens and sometimes swimming pools and tennis courts in, for example the San Siro area which is popular with foreign families. There are attractive green and cosy satellite suburbs that have villas with gardens but they are few and far between. Internally, the properties are well-maintained and functional, but sometimes quality gives way to more ordinary and less expensive solutions.
Is it easier to find a furnished or unfurnished flat in Milan?
Furnished flats are usually easier to find if they are small, suitable for a single person or a couple, and usually for medium-length rentals. Larger apartments are usually empty or semi-furnished, which means they are supplied with a fitted kitchen and some custom-made cupboards. Obviously, we do not take into account here the very short rentals (a few days or weeks), which are now very numerous throughout Milan through organisations that manage them; in this case, the flats are fully furnished, equipped and with every comfort, but very expensive indeed.
Are gas, electricity, water, condominium and heating costs included in the monthly rent of the property?
Electricity and gas utility costs are usually not included in the rent; the tenant must pay the company offering the service directly or reimburse the landlord if the contract remains in the landlord's name, when he/she produces the utility bills. Property International can assist with the 'hooking up' of utilities if required. 
Condominium expenses normally include the cleaning of the building's common areas, the building's electricity, the maintenance of the lift, gardener, and the concierge's salary; they may also include central heating and hot water. On the other hand, when it comes to short term rentals, the condo fees are usually included with the utilities and internet. 
Do I have to pay a commission to the real estate agency and how much?
Yes, the tenant pays a commission to the agency, but this varies somewhat from city to city and also depends on the agency. For periods longer than one year, the commission can range from 10% of the first year’s rent to three months' rent depending on the city the property is located.
In Milan, for a rental period of more than one year, the commission for the tenant can be between 12% and 18% of the annual rent + VAT 22%, and must be paid when the lease is signed.
Can I expect a scrupulous handover of the flat with a handover report or do I only receive the keys from the owner?
Property International ensures a thorough handover of the property with both the tenant and the owner present. During the meeting the condition of the property will be checked and noted and the utility meters will be read.  In the case of a furnished flat, an inventory will also be drawn up. As evidence of the condition of the flat and furniture, photos will be taken and kept until the end of the contract. At the end of the rental period, the property will be checked again to ensure that everything is in order; any damage will have to be restored and bills and meters will be checked.