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Property International's services.

Our company offers a variety of services. Buying and renting in Italy is not always straight forward and there are many loopholes you can fall through. In order to avoid this, we also offer legal and administrative advice and services.

We assess properties, accompany the client on all visits, advise and assist in negotiations, draw up the legal contracts for signing and supervise all transactions. Once the company or individual has concluded the transaction, our staff will ensure the rapid resolution of any issues that may arise either during the handing over of the property, or during the contractual period.

Our service for owners are:

  • - check of references and guarantees regarding the solvency of the client;
  • - preparing the lease proposal and collection of down payment;
  • - drafting of the lease and check of related payments;
  • - assistance during the handover of the property, drafting an accurate report, inventory check and photographs of the premises (the presence of the owner and - the tenant contract holders is required);
  • - organizing the utilities (electricity and gas);
  • - compilation of the building transfer form and sending a registered letter to the relevant police station if the tenant is not from the EU.
  • - registration of the contract to the Revenue Office;
  • - assistance (the presence of the owner is required) during the return of the property to check its state, inventory and photographs;
  • - compilation of the form for the termination of the lease on request.

The above guidelines are intended in good faith and do not constitute part of any contract. Prices, costs, and percentages will be confirmed upon execution of the purchase negotiation.