Photo of Flat - Interior
Photo of Flat - Interior
Photo of Rome Neighborhood Street

Outlying areas & cities

In the suburbs, areas such as Milano3, Milano2 and San Felice, apartment communities and complexes offering recreational facilities, shopping and an abundance of private parking are ideal for expatriates who would like to live near, but not actually in the city. These areas are also close to the American and British schools. However, these areas are not well serviced by public transportation.

Monza & Brianza
Close to Milan, 10 minutes by train, you will find the charming little city of Monza with its 18 sq km park (the largest in Europe). An excellent option for foreigners wanting to live in a cleaner green area but still have the convenience of a city with foreign schools and all the extras any expatriate family could ask for - International Women’s Clubs, cinema in original language, good medical facilities, English speaking dentists, good sport facilities etc . There are currently 3 English speaking schools catering for children from 2 to 12 years of age - plus school buses to both the Sir James Henderson and the International schools in Milan for the older children.

Situated very close to Milan, in the north west, the small town of Arese (population approx. 20,000) was built to house the workers of the Alfa Romeo factory in the 60s. This factory has been closed down and is totally abandoned and the area has developed gradually, offering a small town lifestyle to many families that like living in smallish and medium sized detached and semi detached houses with a patch of garden. Public transportation is not good.

Varese is situated north of Milan below the Alps on the border of Switzerland. This location is popular with European families that manage to find a place for their children at the European school, which was established in the 1960s for children of the staff of the European Union.

Situated on the beautiful Como lake, this characteristic town is considered to be the silk capital of the western world. It is surrounded by hills and is on the border with Switzerland. This area is often requested by families who are willing to commute to Milan, which takes about an hour by train. There is an International school in the nearby town of Cernobbio which accepts children from 3 to 11 years of age.