Photo of Flat - Interior
Photo of Flat - Interior
Photo of Rome Neighborhood Street

DOutlying areas & cities

Milano 3, Milano 2, San Felice are areas close to Milan, surrounded by greenery and very well organized, with small villas, suitable for the housing needs of many foreign families who do not want to give up a small garden and a protected area where their children can play. The American and English school are organized with a private bus service for the transportation of students.

Monza & Brianza

A 20-minute train ride from Milan lies the small town of Monza, beautiful and rich, located in the heart of Brianza. This is an interesting area for those who decide to live in a green town full of parks, in fact it is one of the areas of preference for expatriates because of its proximity to international schools and the large number of people who speak English.

Arese is a small town northwest of Milan, built in the '60s for the workers of Alfa Romeo and now, after the almost total abandonment of the factory, the area is well developed keeping the green parks and a more nature friendly lifestyle. Public transport is difficult.

Varese is located north of Milan, towards the Swiss border, close to the Alps. In the 1960s the European School was created for the children of employees of the European Union, which established some of its offices there. It is therefore easy to meet people of different languages and cultures.

Situated on the lake of the same name, Como is a pretty, quiet and characteristic town, rightly considered the capital of silk and renowned for this in the world. It is a wealthy area, a stone's throw from the Swiss border and surrounded by mountains, but only an hour's train ride from Milan.