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Which quality and comfort can I expect from an average flat in Milan?
While living in Milan often implies to be in beautiful surroundings, the quality of apartments more frequently does not compare favourably to the standard in other European countries or North America. The kitchen equipment and bathrooms can be outdated, with little refurbishments done in the last years. We always advise our owners to redo bathrooms and to install air conditioning but they do not always comply. On the other hand, it is possible to find gorgeous apartments that have recently been renovated but they are very expensive. In any case, nicely renovated apartments can be found in any part of town, but they will be more costly than what a foreigner might expect for a quality he would consider normal.

Is it easier to find furnished or unfurnished apartments in Milan?
Generally, furnished apartments are easier to find if they are small, designed for singles or young couples. Larger apartments are usually unfurnished or semi-furnished, which means with an equipped kitchen and some wardrobes. Owners will sometimes install a kitchen and wardrobes with a small increase in the rent.

Are the expenses for utilities such as gas, electricity, water, condominium and heating included in the rent of an apartment?
Gas and electricty are not included in the rent. A contract has to be drawn up with the suppliers, by the tenant. The condominium expenses are not included in the rent and the tenant is expected to reimburse the owner who pays the bills directly to the building's management. Condominium expenses include the cleaning of common areas, electricity used in these areas, maintenance of the elevator and garden, the salary of the porter (if there is one) and in most cases, the centralized heating.

Do I have to pay a commission to the real estate agency which is in charge of the apartment I want to rent and how much?
Yes, you have to pay an  agency commission which varies in different cities and also from agency to agency. For rental periods that exceed a year, the commission in Milan is between 12% and 18% of the annual rent, excluding the condominium expenses.